Interdisciplinary Certificate in International Engineering and French

Guidelines for Students and Advisors

To enter the certificate program, students must:

  • be an undergraduate degree student enrolled in the College of Engineering & Applied Science
  • be in good standing with a 2.75 or higher
  • submit an “addition of certificate program” adding the certificate (forms may be obtained by the Director of Student Programs in the Engineering Dean’s office.)

French Requirements ( 5 courses- 15 credit hours12  credits upper-division)
Language Courses– 9 credit hours

  • FREN 2120FREN 3050FREN 3060 are required.
  • Placement in French language courses is determined by on-line placement test:
  • Native speakers or students who place into upper-division courses should see the Language Coordinator of FREN 3050/3060.

Additional French Courses (2 courses- 6 credit hours)

  • Students must take FREN 3100– Intro to Critical Reading and Writing in French Literature.
  • An additional 3 credit hours may be taken from the following courses: FREN 3010- Phonetics and Pronunciation, FREN 3500-French Current Events: Conversation and Composition, FREN 3600-Business French 1, FREN 3700– French-American Cultural Differences, FREN 4030- Advanced Oral Practice and Interpreting.
  • Optional CourseGEEN 3930– International Co-Op is open to all students who have completed FREN 3050 with a B- or better. This course may be applied as engineering credit. Please see Sherry Snyder at least 4 months prior to obtain approval.
  • Study Abroad: French credit earned at a CU study abroad approved program in a French speaking country can be accepted as French credit without credit limitation. A maximum of 6 credit hours may be transferred from other universities or non-CU Programs.
  • Transfer credit: 6 credit hours may be transferred in from other institutions.

Engineering Requirements

  • Certificate students must complete all requirements for their respective majors.
  • Students should make sure that all the French courses they take fulfill the requirements for the humanities/social sciences in their major degree programs.
  • Students will take WRTG 3030HUEN 3100 and HUEN 3200GEEN 3000 or an approved alternate course to fulfill their upper division writing requirement.
  • Certificate students will complete GEEN 1400 or GEEN 3400, Engineering Projects courses or an alternate course approved by their major department.
  • If offered, complete a 1 credit hour seminar in International Engineering.

Upon Completion of all Requirements
A Certificate of Advising Form should be completed and signed by the student and the engineering advisor and turned into the Director of Student Programs in the College of Engineering & Applied Science at least one month prior to graduation.

Certificate Advising

In Engineering:   Sherry Snyder, Director of Student Programs, ECAD 100

In French: Janice Oldroyd, French advisor.